The Rich History of Marshal Illinois

Marshall Illinois is a part of the Marshall County and got from John Marshall who was a supreme court chief justice. It is essential to know that John Marshal served the supreme court for about 34 years from the year 1801. It is in 1824 that the first settler of the future Marshall county built a cabin for himself. Afterwards, other people followed up and the country grew more and more with a lot of people settling in. It is vital to know that in 1830, Marshall county had set up their first grinding mill and was located in Hopewell township. One also need to know that by 1839, more than 1500 residents had made Marshall county their home.

It is important to know that there is a lot that you can learn when you visit Illinois Marshall area. The first historical point of interest that you can choose to visit when you are Marshall Illinois is the Lincoln Trail State Park. The state park is full of history as it is named after the path that Abraham Lincoln and family followed when they moved to Illinois from Indiana. There is a need to know that the park is located in an area that was occupied initially by Kickapoo, Miami and Mascouten the three native American tribes living in that area. It is by the begging of the 19th century that the native groups moved on and the place became property of the United States.

When you are in the Marshal Illinois area, there is the need also to ensure that you visit the Stone Arch Bridge. This is one of the history party that you not only want to see but also touch. It is important to know that the bridge was built by army engineers with their bare hands over a century ago. The stones that were used in the project were shaped with bare hands as they did not use any mortar or concrete. It is usually fun to witness this part of history that has remained intact for over a century now.

It is also vital to know that the world’s largest Gavel is situated in Marshall Illinois. You are certain that when you visit the historic Clark County courthouse, you will find the world’s biggest Gavel and this has been certified by Guinness Book of World Records. There is the need to know that both the courthouse and the Gavel will make your visit to Marshall Illinois area worthwhile. When you are in the Marshall Illinois area, you will find it at 501 Archer Ave. It is important to know that visitors are allowed to pictures in front of this unusual and fun object.

There is a lot of Illinois events that people who visit Illinois get to discover and learn. There is much for you and the kids when you visit Marshall Illinois.

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